Dan, Brandi and Jason opened Metal Monkey with 20 years of homebrewing experience under their belt, a dream, a shit-ton of determination and a little bit of..... well, no clue what they were in for!  ; )

A very tight budget means we opened with a very small 3bbl system and did a lot of the buildout ourselves.  We recently upgraded to a 10bbl system which has increased our capacity and allowed us to start packaging and distributing more!


Our tap-room has seating for over 60 with a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere and usually 16 different beers on tap.

Come on out, bring some friends, and try some of our many in-house brews, from light to dark, hoppy to not, and more than likely, one or two with an unexpected twist..  

While you're here feel free to enjoy a game from our top notch game shelf, one of our classic video game system games, or just relax in the lounge. 


We also host live music and some of the Chicago area's finest food trucks, so keep an eye on our schedule!


If you have any questions, please visit our CONTACT page and send us an email, or check us out on any of our social media sites!  

Meet Our Monkeys


Supreme Sorceress of Tavern Operations

What's your favorite Metal Monkey beer?
Any of our Stouts or Sours overall I would go with Fonkey Mucker, Breakfast of Tyrants, or Bikini Bottom.

Favorite metal band?
Metallica, Megadeth, and Faith No More are some of my favorites.

Favorite beer style?
I like almost anything as long as there is no Belgian yeast involved. My most favorite styles are Barleywine, Stout, Gose, and IPAs. Anything super bold in flavor.

Favorite brewery outside of Metal Monkey?
That's really tough! If I have to choose it would be Skeleton Key or Ten10.

An interesting fact about yourself?
I'm a huge Disney fan and have been to Walt Disney World over 20 times! I also lived and worked there in 2010.


Premier Purveyor of Primate Perfection

Favorite Metal Monkey beer?

Monkey Mocha. Coffee and porters are 2 of my favorites so that was easy. Plus, it was my first so it holds a special place.
Favorite metal band ?

Metal isn't really my style but I went to a Metallica concert in college and they are definitely the one I know the best. Wow, that was sort of a non-answer.
Favorite beer style?

Dark. Like my coffee, my wine, and my soul. Browns are an under appreciated style and I am all about an underdog. For real, they are roasty and malty and comforting without being heavy. You can transition easily from black coffee to a brown ale and have a perfect day.
Favorite brewery outside of Metal Monkey

I don't get out as much as I should... Skeleton Key is up there, along with Werk Force. Nationally, Rogue and Bell's always deliver.
One interesting fact about yourself?

2 truths and a lie: I went to school in Japan, 3 of my teeth are fake, and I have a side hustle as a doula.


Courier of Hop Juice & Apprentice of the Monkey Overlords

Favorite Metal Monkey beer?

This question truly isn't fair. Metal Monkey is the brewery that got me even liking beer in the first place. Asmodeus was the first MM beer that I tried, so for that it will always hold a special place in my heart. Silverback is probably my all time favorite so far but also Danky Kang because I'm not an IPA guy and I love the Kang.
Favorite metal band?

Does Hanson count? No? Well I can't pick just one so I'm gunna say Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, Nekrogoblikon, and See You Next Tuesday. I feel like anytime I'm asked this question I have a different answer because I consistently change my flavors of the week. I do feel like Black Dahlia Murder is one of the best metal bands of my generation, so there's them as well.
Favorite beer style?

Stouts (When they don't taste like soy sauce) and porters. Sours are delicious too. Don't ever hand me a hefeweizen...
Favorite brewery outside of Metal Monkey?

Tie & Timber Beer Co. in Springfield Missouri.
One interesting fact about yourself?

I'm a super silly and out there person. You'll often find me dancing to the music in my head. I like to read and write weird fiction, and I'm working on a weird adventure story now.



Favorite Metal Monkey beer?

Atramentous our Black IPA
Favorite metal band?

Favorite beer style?

IPAs or anything hoppy
Favorite brewery outside of MMB?

I try to travel around to as many as I can but I would have to say Skeleton Key
One interesting fact about yourself?

I'm an engineer by day bartender by night and one day wish to build and fight with my own Battle Bot



Favorite Metal Monkey beer?

Barrel-Aged Asmodeus

Favorite Metal Band?

Marilyn Manson

Favorite Beer Style?

Barrel Aged Stouts or Barleywines

Favorite Brewery Outside of Metal Monkey?

Well... I've recently found so many great ones hidden throughout Illinois. Skeleton Key, Noon Whistle, Marz and Werk Force come to mind as some of my current favorites. All are which are worth checking out if you haven't been already. It's a great time to be a beer drinker here in America.

One interesting fact about yourself?

I once found the meaning of life.



Favorite Metal Monkey beer?

Favorite metal band?

I’m on a Fields of the Nephilim kick at the moment. But for metal, probably Emmure.
Favorite beer style?

Favorite brewer outside of Metal Monkey?

Energy City

One interesting fact about yourself?

I’m a cake decorator



Favorite Metal Monkey Beer?

Midwest Brewtailty with Blood Orange

Favorite metal band?

Bring Me The Horizon

Favorite beer style?

Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Favorite brewery outside of Metal Monkey?

Southern Tier

One interesting fact about yourself?

I watch ‘Jersey Shore’ religiously. GTL

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