Keg Sales


Having a party or special event or maybe your own kegerator at home and looking to have Metal Monkey Brewing beer on tap?

Check out the details below on how to make that happen.

How do I reserve a keg?

To reserve a keg, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to reserve a keg but no less than 7 days before your desired pickup date. Email for our current availability.

Can I pick up a keg without a reservation?

No, we need time to prepare and/or transfer the beer into the appropriate keg.

I don't have a kegerator at home. Can you rent me equipment for tapping the keg?

Yes, we can rent you ice buckets/tubs and a mini tap tower if needed. Additional deposit required (see below).

What size kegs do you have available?

We sell 2 sizes of kegs: sixtels and halves. A sixtel is 5.1 gallons and has about 42 -16oz pours and a half is 15.5 gallons and has about 124-16oz pours.

What beers do you have available?

Our selection will vary based on what is on tap currently and our inventory, so the sooner you contact us the better, so we can reserve you first choice! Not all beers on tap in the brewery may be available for purchase.

What is the price on kegs?

This too varies depending on the beer but generally sixtels run $60-$100 and halves $140-$200. Prices can and do vary or may fall outside of that range especially if the beer is higher in abv or a limited/seasonal release. Contact for full price list.

Do you charge a deposit? How long is the deposit good for?

We charge a $30 deposit on all of our kegs, regardless of size. The deposit is forfeited 3 months (90 days) to the day after the purchase. We charge a $10 deposit on ice buckets and $50 deposit for the tap towers. The deposit for the ice buckets and tap tower will be forfeited after 1 month (30 days) to the day after the purchase.

You may be a homebrewer with a setup for ball or pin lock kegs, we can fill those for you as well. A clean and sanitized keg will need to be dropped off 7-10 before desired pickup, possibly sooner if our inventory is running low. No additional fee or keg deposit is required to fill a corny keg.

Please contact our draft sales team at and we can assist.

Email and we will get

back to you ASAP!

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