We decided to create a package as a throwback to our 4th anniversary party a few months back. We wanted to highlight a few of the bands and our artist who helped us celebrate four years of business. Each package contains:


(2) Crowlers or (1) Crowler & (1) 4-Pack

(1) MMB Branded Tulip Glass

(1) 3 pack of Heavy Metal prints by Jonathan Grimm Art

(1) Music cd/album from the following:

     -Boatman's Toll - The Fat Is In The Fire CD

     -We Killed The Lion - Circle of Stars Vinvyl 
     -Black Road-The Witch Of The Future CD

Music choices will be first come, first serve. Please list in the field what your order of preference for music and we will do our best to fulfill your request.


(Barre-Aged crowler fills are not available for this package)

Barrel of Monkeys! Edition #8 - Anniversary Throwback

Beer Choice #1 (Crowler or 4Pack)
Beer Choice #2 (Crowler ONLY)

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